Notice Manager released!

by Venkat

Dear ApartmentAdda User,

Here is another reason for you to boast of your Adda – we just released another dazzling Add-On that you will not find anywhere else on the web-space!

Every Adda has its own online Ad Space – the online Notice Board. It is also one of the most frequently used Applications. We are happy to announce the release of Notice Manager Add-On which leverages the Notice Board to add value to the Association.


The Notice Manager

The Notice Manager centralizes the Notice Approval procedure, making it systematic and easy. It does so due to its integration with a robust Work-flow, the Residents List and the Income Tracker application.

Configure Categories & Rates

The Admin can configure Notice categories like  Commercial – Sales, Commercial – Rental, and set default rates to each of these categories. Also there can be Non-Commercial categories like General Announcements, Admin Notices which may not have a cost component.


When a resident posts a notice, it comes to the Admin for review. He can categorize the notice based on the content.


If the notice is a Commercial Notice, an Invoice is automatically posted against the Resident’s account based on the Rate configured for the category.

Collect and Publish

Once the Resident pays, the Notice can be Published after review.  The Notice becomes visible on the Notice Board and is also sent as an email to all the users of that Adda.

If you are an Association Treasurer saying ‘Voila’ at this point, we hear you!

If you are already using the Premium PRO package of  ApartmentAdda, or evaluating it, please contact us at support (at) apartmentadda (dot) com, to try out the Notice Manager Add-On for your Adda.

Bonus Enhancements

Also with this release we have released a bunch of enhancements on the Notice Posting front.

Notice Wizard

This is dedicated to the Perfectionists among us. You can save and preview the Notice multiple times and only when you are satisfied, you can publish the Notice.

File Attachments

You can make your Notices more effective now – by attaching pictures, relevant documents etc. Premium users now have an additional step in the work flow  where they can attach upto 5 documents to a Notice. The Notice with the attachments will be sent by email to all your Adda users once it is published .

ApartmentAdda Team

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