Income Tracker update

by Venkat

Dear ADDA Treasurers,

Now we bring you a reason to LOVE Online Transfers made by Residents!  We’ve been hearing about your pain of matching inbound Online Transfers with the paying Apartment. The reason often is that the right Narration is either not provided by the Payer or is lost in the Bank Statement format.

We are happy to announce a minor, but highly useful upgrade to ADDA’s Income Tracker Application.

“I have paid”

Residents can now inform the Management Committee about the payment details like Transaction ID of an Electronic Transfer, Date of Transfer, Bank etc. These messages will show up on “Track Fees” page, under the link “I have paid” Intimations. This will help the Association Treasurer in identifying the Collections parked in the Suspense account easily and post the payments to the appropriate flats.

View on Resident's Dashboard

View on Resident's Dashboard (click to enlarge)

Payment Instructions

The Association can now provide instructions on payments, due dates etc. This is configurable for each Adda according to your needs. Just go to  Admin Dashboard > Income Tracker > Setup > Other, and edit the Payment Instructions. It will be visible to all Residents when they click on ‘Flat Dues’.

Customizable Payment Instructions

Customizable Payment Instructions (click to enlarge)

Enjoy your Adda!

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Amit Patwardhan February 2, 2010 - 11:51 am

Can these “I have Paid” intimations be linked to the collections? Currently as an admin i see those intimations and it has not link to anything. So even if i have acted upon it, it remains there for eternity as it seems. I should at least be able to mark it as collected, approved, denied etc to that intimation.

Amit Patwardhan February 2, 2010 - 11:53 am

Or I should at least be able to mark it READ/ACTED and new ones as new and admins shoud see an alert of some kind on the main dash for the NEW / UNACTED upon intimations.

san February 2, 2010 - 1:02 pm

Amit: Thanks for your inputs! Going forward we do intend to integrate the “I-have-paid intimations” with the Collection Entry. This will depend on our observation of how the “I-have-paid intimations” are being used.

Currently these intimations are intended as Read-Only messages for the Admin, to be looked into only when there are un-identified payments – typically Online Transfers.

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