Search your ADDA!

by Venkat

The Internet has spoiled us for choice when it comes to Searching.  In ApartmentAdda, Search was limited to Residents Directory, now ApartmentAdda expands Search to Forum, Document Repository and Vendor Database. Now you will find information in your Adda that Google will not 🙂


Resident Forum Topic Search

Now you can search among the topics or if you know the topic number, you can search by the topic number to go directly to the topic. This will prevent the same topic from being raised multiple times.

Vendor Search

You can search on the name, service category, part of the phone or email and comments entered by user. E,g., if you search for “emergency” you can get all the emergency contacts in one shot.

Document Search

You can search on the file name, category and description. E.g., if you search for “mom” – all the documents pertaining to Minutes of Meeting will get short listed (assuming Documents with Minutes are named MoM universally!).

On future Roadmap: Search in the Admin Applications and Full Text Search for Forums.


ApartmentAdda Team

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