Complaint Tracker Enhanced

by Venkat

Dear ApartmentAdda Users,

We have enhanced one of the most used features in ApartmentAdda – The Complaint Tracker.

Here are the list of enhancements that are live now :

Resident's view of Complaint Tracker.

1. Serviced By

The admin can assign the electrician, plumber working on a complaint. This will enable the admin to generate job report for the technicians and also the resident will know the technician who is to work on the complaint.

2. Assets Involved

The admin can assign the particular asset ( Treadmill, Lift etc..) , the complaint was raised on. This helps in better monitoring of the assets and also helps in planning preventive maintenance for defect prone assets.

3. Feedback Rating

Once the complaint is closed, the resident who raised the complaint now can give a rating on 1 to 5 scale. This helps in monitoring the SLA of the vendors and also to keep the staff motivated.

Screenshot-Sharlow Apartments Adda - Mozilla Firefox

4. More slicing and dicing

On the Admin side, you can now shortlist the complaints by various parameters and assign them to the right authority.

5. Job Report

The estate manager at the beginning of the day can now print a job report and keep it ready for the utility staff to work.

We are confident that these enhancements will be a hit with our users.

Note : We would like to thank the MC Teams of Purva Riviera, L&T Serene County and SJR Verity for their suggestions which have now been released for all our users.

Yours sincerely,
ApartmentAdda Team

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