Instant Poll Enhanced

by Venkat

Dear ApartmentAdda Users,

Wish you a very happy Onam!

We are happy to announce a major enhancement to your favorite Instant Poll Application.

Here is the gist :

1. You can now create a poll that will be open to everyone, or only to Owners or only to Association Committee members. So Committee members can now have a quick poll among themselves to gather feedback (eg. Select a date for an AGM or the next meeting time ).

2. You can restrict votes to One vote per flat. The second user from the flat, will be able to view the vote that is cast, but will not be able to add or change the vote.

3. You can also make a poll as “Anonymous” – to gather feedback on sensitive issues.

4. Also we have built a workflow while setting up the poll – so you can create the poll, view it, edit it and only when you are satisfied publish it to your Adda.

You can check these out, when you go to create a poll. The following “Poll Settings” section will now appear.


Poll Settings Section


Yours sincerely,
ApartmentAdda Team

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