Updates to Income Tracker and Admin Reports

by Venkat

Dear Adda Treasurers,

We have released a few updates which are bound to make you happy!

1. Open Invoices with Line items in Reminder Emails

In the reminder Emails for Dues, only the total Due Amount was displayed. Henceforth, all the Open Invoice/Demand Note line items will be displayed in the email. Also, if any part payment was done, it will be displayed.

2. Bulk printing of Invoices & Receipts

We have released two new Admin Reports for printing all the Open Invoices/Demand Notes and Receipts by Flat. For Receipts, you can choose the Receipt range.

3. Auto Send Invoices & Receipts by Email

Now you have an option so that, whenever an Invoice gets posted ( automatically or manually) an email goes to the Primary Contact of the flat about the new Due. Also, whenever a Receipt is generated for a flat, an email is sent automatically to the Primary Contact. This can be configured individually for Invoices and Receipts in Admin’s Dashboard > Income Tracker > Setup > Other.

4. Filter Defaulters list

Now you can shortlist the defaulters list by the “Age” of the Due,  the Amount and the Category. E.g., if you only want to send reminders to Defaulters who have not paid the last term’s due, or those who have an outstanding Due above a certain amount, , or only the 3BHK apartments etc. you can do that easily now. With a single click you can send Emails and SMS reminders to the list that you have shortlisted.

Enjoy the extra time that just got added back to your Weekends! ApartmentAdda will stay on the lookout to save you more!


Yours sincerely,
ApartmentAdda Team

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