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by Venkat

Dear ApartmentAdda Users,

The wait is finally over! ApartmentAdda is excited to announce the release of a much requested feature – “SubGroups”. Now you can create a special interest SubGroup, invite members, and discuss among yourselves without flooding the inbox of your entire community.

Screenshot of SubGroups

1. Each SubGroup gets an email address

You are already used to the unique Adda style forum. Now we have extended it to the SubGroups also. Each SubGroup gets a full-fledged forum. The threads are trimmed from growing very long ( only the top 3 posts and the first post are shown in the email ), posts are numbered, they are color coded and support attachments.

Some examples of SubGroup Email Addresses ( for Sharlow Apartments ) :

2. Restricted SubGroups

You can mark a SubGroup as restricted – the discussions are not visible to others, and to join a SubGroup, the request has to be approved by the SubGroup’s moderator.

Also, the Sub-Committees can now create a SubGroup for themselves like :

Note : The Association Committee already has a dedicated forum for themselves ( ).

3. New Realtime Notification Setting for SubGroups

Along with Real-time Notification Settings for Forum and Real-time Notification for documents,notices and polls – now you have the option of turning on or off the SubGroup messages.

Go Ahead. Start the Movie lovers group you always wanted to create.

Yours sincerely,
ApartmentAdda Team

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