Testimonial-Paramount Raghavendra Arisht

by Ashika

G Mukund, President (2010), Paramount Raghavendra Arisht

G Mukund,
President (2010),
Paramount Raghavendra Arisht

“The service levels of our support staff as well as the turnaround time for attending complaints has become visibly better”
It has been a pleasure working with TEAM APARTMENTADDA.We recently had our GBM in which we presented as one of our actions towards new initiatives & efficiency enhancement : introduction & implementation of web based application “ADDA” for facilities & management of our association.
This was well received and appreciated by the members present as well.The members present also accepted and acknowledged the fact that the service levels of our support staff has improved as well the turn around time for attending the complaints with feedback also being made available post the complaint registration.
Members were surprised to know the features in your product such as facility booking, payment modes, online receipt, AMC bills, Staff management & many more, not to forget the SMS alerts for any events or meetings being sent in advance as well as reminders just before the start of the event/meeting. All in all, it has been an enjoyable start & memorable journey so to say, particularly with most of the residents being from the IT fraternity in our complex.

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