Testimonial- Purva Riviera ADDA

by Ashika

Rajeev Singh, Vice President, Purva Riviera ADDA says ,

“Purva Riviera is a huge complex housing 802 flats/families and world class facilities which has to be maintained by our service providers. Tracking complaints and managing issues in our complex and putting accountability to the service providers, implement SLA, has been an issue in absence of any electronic tracking system.

ADDA was diligent enough to understand our challenges and was able to put a complaint management system and an elaborate workflow in place in their product which helped us track the complaints and manage escalations there in, whether it is a personal complaint or security complaint or even community complaint.

I personally acknowledge ADDA’s further diligence in continuously evolving this product based on challenges that we face in day to day running of the apartment complex maintenance operations and make some new features as part of their product roadmap. We are looking forward for more stable features to automate visitor tracking and reduce the usage of manual registers/papers. It has changed the way one registers a work-request to the Association.”

Thank you Mr.Rajeev,

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