Forum Moderation Released

by Venkat

Dear ADDA Moderators,

Moderation of the Forum is one of the most passionately debated topics during our Demos and other interactions with Management Committees. This is a very sensitive issue and we tried to steer clear of it and keep the Forum completely unModerated.

However, we have now given in to your Pressure.  The Management Committees now have the ability to switch their Forum on Moderation Mode.

Why you may NOT want a Moderated Forum

Before we detail the Moderation Feature, our sincere request: Please use this feature only if an Un-Moderated Forum is unimaginable. Reasons why we stress this:

1. Your ADDA Forum, unlike email-groups, shows the Apartment Number and Owner/Tenant status of the person posting a message. Each User is automatically identifiable with their residential address and typically act more responsibly as a result.

2. In extreme situations where stormy arguments erupt, a natural cooling off with the help of peacemakers creates closure for all. Blocking of certain posts, and letting certain others go through, may create more confusion, and is entirely at the judgment of the Forum Moderator.

3. In case of repeat offenders in the Forum, the User can be deactivated temporarily.

Workings of the ADDA Forum Moderation:

The ADDA Moderator can nominate other Residents as Forum Moderators. Best Practice is to have the Forum Moderator(s) from outside the Management Committee.

The Forum Moderator(s) will get notified whenever a message is posted.  Clicking on the link will take them to Forum > Moderate Forum > Messages and they can either Approve the messages or Reject a particular message if it does not conform to the Forum Guidelines.

How to Activate Forum Moderation

Forums are still completely Open. To switch Moderation on for a Forum, the following steps are to be taken.

1. The ADDA Moderator needs to send a request to requesting to activate Forum Moderation.

2. Prepare a Forum Guideline document and upload it to the Document Repository, and create a permanent Admin Notice in Notice Board. Also post it as a Forum post informing your users about Forum Moderation.

3. Once we have activated Forum Moderation, the ADDA Moderator can nominate Forum Moderators by going to Forum > Moderate Forum > Forum Moderators and nominate from the Residents’ List.

4. Please create guidelines for the Forum Moderators e.g. messages must be approved within x minutes of receiving the prompt, substantiate while rejecting a forum post etc.

5. In case Moderation starts looking like more of a hassle than a benefit, let us know we’ll switch it back to open Forum (same process as Point 1.)

"With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility" - Ben Parker (Spidey's Uncle)

Cheers to a Happening & Happy Community!

Credits: Anyone who wants to thank for the Moderation feature, must do so to the Purva Fountainsquare Team. 🙂

Note 1 : Forum Moderation is available only for Premium ADDAs.
Note 2 : Forum Moderation is limited only to the General Forum and is not available for Sub Group Forums and Admin Forum.

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