Installation of Water Meter in an Apartment Complex

by adda

This is a continuation from our ADDA Champions Blog -By Kannan Venkitachalam. Below is the plumbing material details  used by us (Flat Owners) for Water Metering project of a 32 apartment Complex.

Water Meter – ¾ inch Kranti Multi Jet Class A

Strainer – Used to protect water meter from mud or any other solid particles which is
Installed below the main gate valve from the overhead tank

C-PVC (Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride) Pipe & Fittings

I have used pipe with red Stripe which is meant for hot water.

With the help of a plumber & his small team, water meter has been installed successfully in all
32 individual flats & 1 meter for Gym room & Security rest room in exactly1 month of time frame.

In our 32 flat 5 floor apartment each flat has got 2 to 3 water inlets to each flat. I have kept the
bottom most flat pipe line as it is and disconnected all other upper level floor water inlets from this.
Installed new individual new lines from terrace to all other floor flats and interconnected 2 to 3 inlets of
same flats into one single individual water meter outlets from the topmost terrace floor below the
overhead tank in different locations. For installing new pipe lines including 33 water meters Rs.1.75
lakhs was the material cost and Rs.1.25 labor cost. All together it cost us 3 lakhs for the full project.
After the meter installation, the meter readings were taken every day for the first one week, then
every week, now every month.

One Day Water Usage Data

Water Usage – 1 Day

One Week Water Usage Data

Water Usage – 1 Week

After one week residents began to realize how much water was consumed by them.

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