Complaints prioritized by Payment status on ADDA – Apartment Maintenance Software

Dear ADDA Admins, Apartment Maintenance Software

Flats who pay their Dues on Time, and keep a Zero-Dues account, deserve Maintenance Requests/Complaints to be addressed on a Priority Basis. That is Fair, isn’t it.

But till date, you did not have a quick way to figure out, if a Flat that has raised a complaint has Dues or not.

Now you do.

The pretty Red Dots and Green Dots in your Income Tracker of ADDA, Apartment Maintenance Software have crept into the HelpDesk Tracker as well! Click “View All” in your HelpDesk Tracker, and you will see a Red Dot or a Green Dot next to each Complaint. Red Dot means the Flat has not paid their Dues yet.  Also when the Ticket is viewed, the exact Due amount is visible against the Flat.

Prioritize complaint by payment status on apartment maintenance software

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Who said there is no justice in this Country!

Prioritize complaint by payment status on apartment maintenance software
Kanoon is not Color Blind!


Sandhya our Developer Dudette who just completed one year with ADDA.

Brigade Gateway ADDA – gave the final push on this.

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  1. Dear Madam/Sir,
    Its been nearly 7 months since we the members of Prarthana CHS, Nerul . Have been complaining to the Ward Officer,Nerul, Health Incharge CBD, Town Planning Officer CBD, Joint Registrar of Co operative housing societies CBD, Etc.But Surprisingly no Action has been taken, Regarding this Unwanted structure built over an Unused, Unclean and Very Old water tank, by our Committee Members, Despite our Objection. The height is that they also broke the Society compound wall, Only to keep a Dustbin. Again without any permission from us or Higher Authorities. To break The Society Compound Wall. Which is Built for our Safety.. Now the dirt and garbage is thrown not only in the dustbin but also out and all around the place and also on the road, as its become a common place to throw garbage for all. This gives out bad smell and also very Unhygienic to us and to people staying around.. When we Complain about the Dirt and Smell, the Committee Members say the NMMC is not doing a proper Job. When we complain about the shed which they have built over this very old, unclean, unused tank. They say its built for rain water harvesting. However its been nearly 7 months, this shed is built, the rains have come and gone, and every thing is left as it is. They did not even clean this tank which still Contains about 20,000 to 25,000 liters of Stale and Dirty Water for the past 12 to 15 Years. Though they have been told to clean the tank and keep it dry, many times by all of us, and higher Authorities. This clearly states that this structure over the tank was made only for reasons best known to the committee members Why? As they think they are the landlords of the Society. And Take Advantage of their post, and misuse their Powers and our Funds. In the society we don’t have proper lights and also the surrounding area of the society is not cleaned, there is no Security for the past 5 to 6 yrs, Nobody know how much they have to pay and for which month, Since Bills have never been issued to anyone Till date. Though the society is about 17 yrs old our Share Certificate has not been issued to the members.Despite our Many request. Even the Flooring blocks which have become loose or caved in due to holes in the ground made by rats, are not repaired, as reasons given according to the Committee members there is insufficient funds in the Society Account. Thanks to our Committee Members..Though our committee members seem well educated, they acted in such an arbitrary manner. In fact we are Ashamed, that we elected such members, to form our Managing Committee thinking they would work for the Interest and Benefit of our Society, and not their Own.. As We Have Decided We “WILL FIGHT AGANIST CORRUPTION AND DISHONEST PEOPLE IN OUR SOCIETY” Prarthana CHS committee members are,
    1. Chairman since 1996(unchanged till date): Mr. D.D Kolte. Tel No- 9320 467 945
    2. Secretary of the Society: Mr. Ashish Shetty. Tel No- 9324 925 128
    3. Treasurer: Mr. Vijay Kadam. Tel
    Thanking you, Distress members of Prarthana CHS, Sec-18/A, Plot No 185, Nerul. Navi Mumbai. 400706 Regards, Daniel Murzello
    Room No 3, Prarthana CHS, Sector 18/A,Plot No 185, Nerul Navi Mumbai.400706
    Contact No 9702842999.

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