Enhancements to Automatic Billing

by Venkat

Dear ADDA Treasurers,

Are you faced with Billing situation which goes strictly by the book:

  • Maintenance Charges by square feet
  • Corpus Fund by flat fee
  • Parking charges & Parking Tax by actual number of Parking Slots
  • Water charges by Number of Water Inlets
  • Property Tax by which floor the Flat is on
  • NOC charges depending on the Occupancy of the flats etc.

Overwhelmed and wondering how on earth this can be Automated?

The Solution is here.

Your ADDA has introduced smart flexibility in automatic billing. Head over to Income Tracker > Setup > Autoinvoice Rules and you can now find the following options when you Edit an AutoInvoice Rule.

1. Standard Rule

This is the option that has always existed – a simple multiplication on the square feet, and/or a flat component.

2. Simple Multiplier

When you want to charge based on the number of parking slots, water inlets or bhk – you can use this option.

3. NOC Rule

You can now set Non Occupancy Charges with different rates for Tenanted Flats,  Owner Occupied Flats, Vacant Flats, Builder Occupied Flats etc.

4. Slab Rule

When you want to charge based on a range – for eg. a charge based for the flats between 3 and 5 floors – you can use this Rule.

We have also expanded the fields that are captured in a flat :

No. of Bedrooms
No. of Water Inlets
Covered Parking Slots
Open Parking Slots
Occupancy Status

This could be the closing enhancement of year 2011, a great year that it was!


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