Announcing Meeting Tracker

Dear ADDA Admins,

Face to face meetings are essential to any Society – ADDA or no ADDA.  But, your ADDA can now help

The Huddle

you organize and record these meetings much better!

The Meeting Tracker has been released as an enhancement to the Project Tracker. To reflect this added functionality this application has been re-named to Project & Meeting Tracker.

Here is how the Meeting Tracker helps you.

Before the Meeting  :

Create a Meeting with Agenda items, set the date, time and Venue for the meeting.  You can invite the intended participants.

ADDA will then take care of sending Meeting Invites and Reminders – both by SMS and email – an hour or a day or a week before the actual meeting.

During the Meeting :

When the Meeting starts, you mark the attendance on the meeting, and start typing the minutes right under each Agenda item. You can note the Resolutions separately.

After the Meeting :

Once the meeting is concluded, you can give finishing touches to the Minutes and Resolution and then “Close” the meeting. If you want to share it with the invitees, you can click on “Send the Meeting Report” and ADDA will automatically send a neatly formatted report – in Email – to all the invitees. You can also publish all the closed Meetings on the Notice Board.

You can use this flexible Meeting Tracker right from your Weekly Meetings to your Annual General Body Meeting.

One More Thing!

We have done a mini-upgrade to the Project Tracker. Now you can assign your Association Committee Members to the “Watch list” of a Project – so they will receive an email update whenever you add a note to that Project.

Thanks: Sobha Nagasandra and every Apartment Resident who makes her precious after-work time available in meetings for the benefit of the Society.

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