Apartment/Society Management Committee(MC) Elections using Secret Ballot

by Venkat

Dear Apartment/Society Management Committee(MC) Members,

Did you know that online Secret Ballot in ADDA support 2 types of Elections  – Executive Committee Election and Management Committee Election.

Executive Committee Election

This was the existing functionality. Create the Executive Committee Designations -President / Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer etc.

For each post, the Election Officer can list down the nominees and open up for voting.

Apartment/Society Management Committee Election ( New Functionality )

In this setup, there is only one Designation – Management Committee member. The Election Officer lists all the Nominees for the Management Committee. Also, the Election Officer can set the total number of Members (typically 12 ) that a Voter can vote.

Both these types of Elections have the same Lock Down Features for the Election Officer:

* can set Only Owners to Vote

* can restrict only One Vote per Flat/Member

* can Pre-Set the time window for which the Online Ballot will be open. ADDA will automatically make it LIVE and stop the Online Voting.

* can take an Attendance Sheet Print out where the Members who had voted Online will already be marked. So if you are following up with a Physical Election day, for the muggles, double voting can be avoided.

* can take Print out of the Score Report and combine the numbers with the Physical Election to create the Final Results

Many Apartment Complexes have till date conducted their MC elections successfully through Secret Ballot. Here are a few testimonials:

This is to inform you that we successfully conducted our Board Elections on-line over ADDA platform. The Elections went off absolutely smoothly. Throughout the Election process we had umpteen interactions with the ADDA staff. We were highly impressed by their positive attitude and ever willingness to help. We wish the ADDA team all the best and expect them to scale new heights in future – Mr Valerian Gomes, Mallika Malancha, Kolkata

The Online secret ballot [on ADDA] was simple and easy to use/understand. It has useful reporting tools and saved a lot of manual effort. What’s more, it is Green… no ballot paper – Balakrishna Shenoy, Treasurer, TZED Homes, Bangalore

Note: The Election Officer is typically a Member of the Association nominated by the outgoing Committee or the Ad-hoc Committee. The Moderator of the ADDA ( if different ) has NO access to any of the Online Secret Ballot Pages created by the Election Officer. Please read about our earlier Success Story on ADDA’s Online Secret Ballot : Election of Apartment Owners’ Association goes online!



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Dipankar June 23, 2012 - 12:23 pm

Is this legal in Bangalore as per socities act?

san June 23, 2012 - 5:29 pm

The Societies Act of 1960 understandably has no mention of use of Technology in the Management of the Society, hence Elections are not covered either.

Most Societies add an amendment to their By-Laws accepting the use of Technology in voting.

Suprabhat Chatterjee June 24, 2012 - 10:06 pm

The voting in Adda is not according to the Mumbai Co-op Housing Societies Bye-laws and Maharashtra Co-op Societies Act and is not legally tenable. However, it may be used for seeking opinion of the members.

san June 25, 2012 - 10:15 am

Suprabhatji, there is no mention of technology at all in the Bye-Laws or the Act.

The Bye-Law no. 116 and Appendix B have been taken into account in the functionality of the “Secret Ballot” application. Of course, the presentation is different from the Manual format.

Appreciate your feedabck towards improvisation of the Secret Ballot.

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