Introducing Deposit Slips

by Venkat

Hello ADDA Treasurers,

Here is an easy way to generate Deposit Slips. In all the Income Tracker Collection screens you will now see a drop down for a Deposit Slip Number. This is tied to every Bank & Cash Account you have. When you want to start on a new Deposit Slip Number, choose the next one in the drop down – then this will automatically become the default for the next set of Collections. Nothing to configure or setup – it is that Simple!

After making the posting, you can go to Bank & Cash > Reports and take a print out of all the cheque collections you made with that Deposit Slip Number.

This report has all the Cheque Details that you entered while posting the collection – you can submit this to the bank along with the Cheques.

One less Paper work ( also error prone ) reduced of writing Bank Deposit Challans.


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