Introducing Smart SubGroups!

by Venkat

Dear ADDA Users,

We have made your SubGroup “Smarter”.

When you edit a Subgroup you have a new option called “Enable Smart Subgroup”. Once you enable smart subgroup – you have the following options :

1. Add owners to this subgroup

2. Add Management Committee Members to this subgroup

3. Add Members of a particular block / phase to this subgroup.

4. Add Members having “running, chess” etc. on their hobby profile.

Next, ADDA takes over and keeps adding any matching members to your SubGroup – automagically! For instance, if your smart subgroup is enabled for members having “running” on their profile, when a user updates his profile with “running” – he or she will get automatically added to your subgroup.

This one is dedicated to the Mega ADDAs like Prestige Shantiniketan where communication is concentrated within Block-wise sub-groups. Now you don’t have the hassle of manually adding every new User to the relevant Block Subgroup.


ADDA Team.

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1 comment

Ramakant August 13, 2012 - 8:00 am

Support nested subgroups.

E.g. Block Reps – sub groups

This is collection of all blocks
Block A reps + Block B Reps + etc

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