Introducing Refundable Deposit Workflow

by Venkat

Hello ADDA Treasurers,

The long awaited / requested feature is now available – The Refundable Deposit Workflow. Here is the sequence of this workflow.

1. Member while booking the Party Hall gives a Refundable Deposit  say Rs.5,000.

2. After the Party is over, the Estate Manager discovers a broken light Fixture worth Rs.1,000.

3. When communicated to the Member, he is ready to pay for the damages. Also since he will be out of station the next month, he wants to transfer Rs.2500 of the Deposit towards next month’s billing.

4. The Manager now has to refund the remaining Rs.1500 to the Member.

Here is the Summary

Refundable Deposit : Rs.5000

Refund to be given to Member : Rs.1500
Light fixture damage : Rs. 1000
Apply to next month’s Bill :  Rs. 2500

The above is seamlessly handled in your ADDA now.

1. Hit Collection button next to the flat.

2. Click on Post Refundable Deposit button and post the Collection details.

3. When the time comes for refund – the following screen is presented that can do all of the above tasks in one shot.

Enjoy your ADDA!

Team ADDA.

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