1 Crore Payment Gateway Transactions Crossed

by Venkat

Hello ADDA Users,

We want to thank every one of you who have used our Online Payment Gateway Facility to pay your Society dues.

Today, we cross Rs.1 Crore in transactions settled via our Payment Gateway. We have crossed this mark within 1 year of launching this facility for our Premium ADDAs.

What this means to you and your Society?

1. After payment, you got a receipt instantaneously – on the site, on email and SMS.

2. You have not burdened your Society in a) manually posting this entry b) walking the cheque to the bank c) filling deposit slips d) reconciling with the bank statement e) processing bounced cheques

3. Your payment to the society was settled within 2 days

4. No errors or manual rework was needed at any point.

We would like to thank you on behalf of the happy Treasurers who had opted for Online Payment Gateway Facility. We also would like to thank Citibank for providing a very robust and stable platform for the Online Payment Gateway Transactions. We had zero downtime over this period.

Here is some interesting data – right now Bangalore is leading the pack in the Volume of PG Transactions

Volume of Transactions

And here is the path to Rs.1 Crore Transactions.

ADDA is India’s first and only Online Payment Aggregator for Housing Societies.

The transaction charges ( inclusive of Service Tax ) are as follows

Indian Debit Cards : 1.3%
Credit Cards  : 2.5%
International Debit Cards : 2.5%

If your ADDA is not using Online Payment Gateway Facility you can get started today – Contact Us.

ADDA Finance Team.

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