Enhanced Utility Billing and Piped Gas Slabs

by Venkat

Dear ADDA Treasurers,

Wish you a very Happy New Year. We have a new release which will make you happy.  The Utility Billing functionality has been upgraded with 2 important features.

1. Memorize Readings

A long standing request of some treasurers where they had to maintain the Meter Readings offline in Excel and upload only the Units Consumed every month. Then ADDA takes over and calculates the bill based on the slabs you have set.

We admit this was cruel on our part, sorry.

Now, you can just upload the meter readings as is and ADDA will calculate the difference, calculate the bill based on the slab the reading is falling under, and also save the meter reading for the next billing period.

You can upload the initial Meter readings in Income Tracker > Member Income > Batch Posting.

2. Piped Gas Slabs

A few months back the number of subsidized Gas Cylinders was capped at 6 or 9 per household depending on the State you are living in. Once the threshold has been crossed the subsequent cylinders will be billed at Commercial rates.

This became a nightmare for Apartment Complexes with a Gas Bank.


The Gas vendor bills the Society as a whole, and the Society is to recover from individual Flats. It falls on the Society to figure which are the Flats that have consumed their quota of 6 cylinder worth of gas and must be charged at the higher rate. If this quota-wise billing was not done by the Society manually then the Residents who hardly cook at home, were also ending up paying higher Gas rates.

The nightmare is over.

We have now introduced “Cumulative Slab”. In this case, the accumulated meter reading is used to determine the slab, and the meter readings use the slabs accordingly. This works in tandem with Memorize Readings – please make sure you have enabled it when using Piped Gas Slab.

Head to Income Tracker > Setup > Utility Bills,  and say hello to your new Utility Billing automation!

Enjoy your ADDA.

ADDA Team.

Thanks to Mr.Ramana Gupta of Indu Fortune Fields, Hyderabad, Mr.Manoj Dudhankar and Mr.Ganshyam Tiwari of Urban Nirvana, Pune for their inputs towards these workflows.

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Lancy January 14, 2013 - 11:00 am

Thanks. I learnt something new today that Adda is capable of Gas billing too!

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