ADDA – behind the scene

by adda

 Dear ADDA Users,

Have you ever wondered what ADDA Team uses at the backend to keep your ADDA running 24×7, 366 Days a year?

Well, it is not as pretty as your Resident or Admin’s Dashboard – the tech team loves you more.

Here is a tour of ADDA Factory 🙂




Here are some of the Applications we have developed in house to run ADDA.


This is our internal CRM. Any interaction with any ADDA gets logged in here. When we started we were tracking our leads using Excel. However at one point we had to move to a robust CRM tool. We analyzed a few – Salesforce, SugarCRM – but in the end decided to develop a solution in house. Here is a blog post on why we decided to build it in house – Do It Yourself!

It was named DNA by Ashika from our team. 

Growth Hacker

This was something built a couple of months ago – and it is yet to take off fully. This is to track and convert the leads into customers. 


When you raise a Software Help it falls into our Support System. We moved away from Emails and Phone calls to this system in October 2012. We average around 50 Tickets a day now. This works very much like a ZenDesk or FreshDesk – but tightly integrated with ADDA. Again built in-house. 


Once a customer signs the agreement, they get into the Deployment Zone. Lot of FAQs, Upload tools are present here for our Support Team to quickly and accurately fill your ADDA and get you up and running. We track each and every ADDA meticulously to take them to Complete Go Live. 


The full database of all the ADDAs. The approval, subscription start,end, trial period – all are tracked here.


Here is where the Payment Gateway Transactions are verified, aggregated, prepared and transferred to the ADDAs on a daily basis. Also all backend accounting work – setting up your Accounting happens. 

Top Secret Feature

We are doing a pilot now. You will hear about this shortly. 


The weekly digest has 2 major sections. Your ADDA’s activity – which is compiled automatically. The second section are the ADDA Announcements, Local News section etc. – which we compile and then push the Digests to all of you.


We get lot of comments written on the wall of every ADDA. We check this on a daily basis, and any junk, spams are purged.


Online webinars are tracked here.  

Status Bar

We track the Deployment Status of Each Premium ADDA – what percentage of existing Applications each ADDA has deployed. Tech team has to give a face lift to this – so we can share this view with you – individual ADDA Admin as well.


The Ads getting posted in Buzzar are classified here. Also we manage the Buzzar for Associations here – adding, removing vendors, tracking their ratings etc.


Here is where we update the FAQ. We are moving to an open source FAQ system and this will be retired soon.


Here is where the Software Updates are pushed to you. You see the "Software Update" notes on the right panel of any internal ADDA page.


We have a REST API which the mobile App uses. All the REST APIs that we expose can be tested from here. 

Product Newsletter

We tried using an online service for sending Product Newsletter. But having the mailing list updated was a pain. So our Tech Team has now built a Product Newsletter framework to quickly push important Updates. 

Other than the above web applications we also use the following.

Google Apps – For our Email, Internal Chat,Online Documents and Calendar

Dropbox – Syncing Files within our Team across Bangalore and Mumbai

Trello – To track Wins on a monthly basis, Payments etc.

Wunderlist – To track and share daily tasks – To give demos, support queries, or internal discussions

That’s all folks! Thank you for joining the ADDA Factory tour. 







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