Launching ADDA Tube


Dear ADDA User,

Door Delivery is a way of your Life now. Right from the Morning Milk Packet, to the Gas Cylinder, to the Pizza, and now your Shoes too, get Delivered right to your Doors.

But there is one major Problem in this.

It is the “Door”.

You need to Answer that Door to take the Delivery!

When you are out with Family, you are wondering which Door Delivery may be going RETURN, again.  And when you are at home, you can’t watch that Game undisturbed, or lose yourself in the heart-wrenching moment of the saans bahu soap, or have a much deserved siesta at peace!

You are a Slave to your Door Bell.

No More.

The ADDA Tube has been launched today to ease your pain!


What is ADDA Tube?

You are used to getting Emails, Facebook status updates, Twitter Streams, Maintenance Bills ( thanks to ADDA of course ) – all delivered to your smartphone, laptop or tablet through the DSL Lines or Fiber optic cable or 3G Internet. None of them wait for you to Open a Door for them.

Have you ever imagined – if you can get your daily milk packets, tomatoes, bread, eggs, newspapers, couriers delivered right INTO your home, without you having to Open a Door for them?

Well – ADDA Tube – is the answer.

Once you sign up for this package, our technicians will descend on your Apartment Complex and will wire your Apartment Complex with ADDA Tubes right into your house from the Security Gate.

How does it work?

You need to authorize the service providers ( your milkman  for instance ) who will use ADDA Tube to your door. All he has to do is to just punch in your door number and the ADDA Tube Portal door will open and he drops it in.

It’s an open and shut case for him.

Our Routing algorithm – Apartment Door Delivery Algorithm ( ADDA )  then takes over, and makes sure your Milk gets delivered right into your home – guaranteed – with no spills or kills within the next 2 minutes.

You need not even get out of your cosy couch or bed, to open the door. Our Mobile Apps will soon have a facility to order anything you would want – in partnership with the top E-Commerce Companies in India – and will get delivered right into your home.

What’s better, for a revolutionary product, the installation is very affordable! Depending on the distance of your Flat from the Security Gate, the Price varies from Rs.29,999 to Rs. 39,999 only!


1. No kids ( as of now )

Currently ADDA Tube does not allow live  human beings – so your kids after they get back from school cannot be delivered using ADDA Tube. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Pesky School Kids ( SPCPSK ) does not allow this. However we are in talks with them to cut some slack so you can focus on more high priority things in life instead of waiting and picking up Kids from the security gate. We are on it.

2. It’s One way ( as of now )

Also currently it is one way – you cannot jump into ADDA Tube and get to the security gate. There is always the danger of an upcoming Egg colliding with you and spoiling your work Suit. Do note that this is not a dedicated Tube to your home from security gate, but it is sharing the bandwidth with many other Apartments. Any time anyone can order  something and depending on your past Karma you might collide with an Egg Box or a Bunch of Flowers.

But be assured that we are working on the next version of ADDA called ADDDA ( Apartment Dual Door Delivery Algorithm ) to handle 2 way routes. If you want to be part of the Beta Testing, please send us your date of birth and time so we can factor in your past Karma in ADDDA to calculate the correct time of departure and routing path.

3. How will I convince The Wife?

Well the same way you convinced her about the shiny X-Box or PS3 you have in your living room. You can tell ADDA Tube is green, it is for added security, gives you more time to exercise ( sleep is exercise and is recommended by WHO ) etc. We have a discussion group where some best practices are shared on how to convince The Wife. Do participate and share your ideas. The more people who sign up for this from your Apartment Complex, the cost will go down for you.

4. Where is the sign up page? I want to start right now.

You can sign up on the below link and choose the relevant size of Tube – we give 3 options – Small, Medium and Large. ( We recommend the largest configuration as someday your Mother-in-Law can also be delivered through this  – we are already in talks with Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Mother-in-Laws – SPCML )

Sign Up Here!



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 PS: Update on 2-April-2013: Disclosure.

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