ADDA, Society Accounting App App gets a MASSIVE upgrade

Dear Android ADDA Users, society accounting app

Back in March, we had a royal launch of the ADDA Android App.

And got a royal showdown from you.

Because it had only 3 of ADDA’s 25+ Features.

And it did not have the Pole Stars of ADDA Navigation – The Resident’s Dashboard and Admin’s Dashboard.

While it worked flawlessly and had a sexy splash screen, we realized that our Users expect a LOT more from us.

The Tech Team went into Coding Banwaas from then, seeking no other joy other than winning your love back.

The hunched and red-eyed men have finally come out of their cave, with a shining new Update…

Do upgrade the App, and tell us if they’ve redeemed themselves!

If you haven’t yet downloaded the App yet, let’s erase your memory of last 5 seconds! Download it here:  ADDA, Your Society Accounting App

Here are the Updates in a Cave Bat’s eyeview.

Introducing Resident’s Dashboard and Admin’s Dashboard.

You are used to the two different views on – and first time you launched the Mobile App – you expected a similar interface – and you were disappointed – and you told us – and we agree with you. This version mimics the 2 distinct Dashboard views. You can keep work and play apart 🙂

ADDA Society Accounting App - Admin Dashboard    ADDA Society Accounting App - Resident Dashboard

My Account Statement

You can now view your Flat or Villa’s Account Statement, View the Invoices ( or Bills ) and Receipts.

ADDA Society Accounting App - Account Summary

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Attach Photos to Helpdesk Tickets

You can now raise a Ticket or attach a note to an existing Ticket – and attach a Photo from your Mobile Phone’s camera.

ADDA Society Accounting App - Ticket Tracker


Send out Email, SMS or Flash Broadcast messages to all your members, or certain subgroups like Only Owners or Only Association Committee Members etc. Also all the Essential SMS Templates that you have on have been recreated here.


Process Helpdesk Tickets

Your Estate Manager need not be tied to the desk anymore. He can walk around your property with an Android Phone or Tablet and easily update or close the Tickets immediately after inspection. He can attach a Photo to the ticket also.

Visitor & Staff Attendance Tracker

You can give an Android Tablet to the Security at the gate, and he can capture the details of the Visitors coming into your Apartment Complex. An SMS will be immediately sent to the Flat this Visitor is marked against. Also when a Staff comes to the gate, the Security can check in this staff. When either party leaves the Apartment Complex, the checkout can be made and the Checkin/Out times are logged automatically.

ADDA Society Accounting App - Visitor Entry   ADDA Society Accounting App - Staff Entry

Other than these we have done lot of improvements on the performance and usability. Do upgrade ADDA App or install it from Google Play Store.


ADDA Tech Revolutionary Department

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