Introducing Tasks and My Desk in Society Maintenance App, ADDA

Namaste MCs, society maintenance app

Projects & Meeting Tracker gets one more important addition – Tasks

Introducing Tasks!

Go to your Projects & Meeting Tracker ( hence forth rechristened as Projects Meetings & Tasks ) and here you will find a Tab called Tasks.

Click Add Task  and you will be presented with a small window to capture the Details about the Task, Who this task is for and What Category this belongs to.

Introducing Tasks and My Desk in Society Maintenance App, ADDA
There is also a More Option – where you can set Start Date, Due Date, Recur a task etc.

An email goes immediately after a task is created.

Introducing My Desk in Society Maintenance App, ADDA!

Also, we have introduced a new Widget in Admin’s Dashboard – called My Desk.

Introducing Tasks and My Desk in Society Maintenance App, ADDA

All Tasks assigned to you (MC member/Office Staff), Over Due Tasks and also any Helpdesk Tickets being Supervised by you now show up automatically in this widget. Clicking on these links will directly take you to the relevant Task or Ticket.

Thats it – a simple but powerful workflow added to your ADDA.

An Ode to Admin Forum

You may notice that “My Desk” takes the coordinates of “Admin Forum” on the Dashboard. Don’t Panic! Admin forum is still there – but it has been moved to the very last row in Admin’s Dashboard.

When we needed a place to park My Desk  Admin Forum was kind enough to give away its parking spot.

In any case, Admin Forum is often found drowning its sorrow in TGIF – “After Private Subgroups were introduced, most MCs now create a private subgroup like mc2012 or mc2013 and they do not use me anymore.”

Our heart goes out to Admin Forum and the fine work it did all these years. It will always be available, and the MCs of ADDAs that started long back in 2009 – still continue to interact here.

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Enjoy your ADDA!


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