Relaunched !! Your ADDA Homepage


Your ADDAs public facing page has just been revamped. It looks cooler, simpler, neater and friendlier.

To visit your all new ADDA homepage simply visit


To Edit any of the content on the homepage simply log into your ADDAs Admin Dashboard > Setup ADDA Profile > View Profile Button

Here are a few features that your homepage will now have. 

Slick & Modern design

The internet is changing and so must your ADDA Homepage. We have introduced the latest in website design for your ADDA homepages. Your websites are now cleaner, easier to read, mobile & tablet friendly.



Vanity URLs

Each ADDA now has a clean, easy to remember ( and hence ) easy to share URL. Its simple ( e.g. ). No more complicated technical names for something that can be this simple.

ADDA Homepage Vanity URLs


Login OR Join from your homepage itself

We like simplicity and we are very certain you would too. So we put the "Login", "Join", "Logout" and "Dashboard" buttons right on your ADDA homepage. You can now simple visit your homepage (as a starting point) for anything you may want to do with your ADDA account.




Personalized Maps to your ADDA

Your ADDA homepage is now greets your visitors with a full blown google map location of your ADDA along with and a personalized image for each ADDA. Not only can you help your visitors find you easily with the homepage, but you could also provide a first hand view of your ADDA complex right in the map itself.

To display an image in the map, simply upload an image in your ADDA profile as the 2nd image. It will show up right on your google map. Just like that !! 

ADDA Personal Map


 How to Set the Location?

Very Simple.

Go to Admin’s Dashboard > Setup ADDA Profile > Location and here you can drag the Red beacon to the exact location of your Apartment Complex. 


Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.10.04 pm


How to find my URL?

Once you login you can find your ADDA’s Public HomePage Url on the right hand side. 


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