Introducing Utility Tracker


Dear ADDA Admins,

Are you doing any one of the following

1. Invoicing and collecting Piped Gas Bills, or Electricity Bills or Water Bills from your Water Meter?

2. In your Society, are Owners responsible for paying Maintenance Bills, and Tenants responsible for paying Utility Bills

3. Do you have different billing cycles, due dates, late payment interest for Maintenance and Utility Bills.

4. Do you have different bank accounts for Maintenance and Utility – to which Money is deposited.

5. Do you have different Accountants / Firms taking care of Maintenance and Utility Bills separately.

6. Do you want to keep separate list of Defaulters for Maintenance and Utility – so you can alert them separately.

Till today, you had to use the Income Tracker for both Maintenance and Utility Billing. However you faced one or many of the above problems.

We understand your issues – and we have solved these problems.

Starting today, we are introducing Utility Tracker – a Dedicated Application to track all member Utility Bills and Receipts.

For Residents

The Maintenance Dues and Utility Dues will now show separately.

For Admins

You will now have a separate Application like Income Tracker, for tracking all your Utility Bills and Receipts

Inside Utility Tracker, you can do all of the following

1. Setup different Due dates and Late Payment Interest

2. Setup Meter Rules, and upload Meter readings

3. Raise Invoices, post collection, post Credit Note, post Refundable Deposit etc.

4. Pull up the list of Utility Defaulters – and send Email, SMS alerts to them

Utility Tracker is available free of cost for all existing Premium ADDAs. Please raise a Support Ticket and we will get you started on Utility Tracker.

ADDA Support

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