MyADDA – A Brand new UI for Apartment Residents

by adda


Yes! The Dashboard UI is no more on the Resident’s Side! 

It will no longer haunt you with its super organised and functional structure but not so engaging UX.

You are no longer at the mercy of the Internet Speed while cribbing about the Neighbour’s Dog or looking up your Pictures from the Annual Day celebrations.

The dashing new ADDA UI is here!

Login to your ADDA now and be dazzled by the new UI! 




I. Important Information cannot be missed

Important Information – like Dues or actionable buttons are clearly displayed at the very top of the page.

II. Conversations

In an ADDA, members talk to the community, talk within their mini-adda aka subgroups, ask for opinions, share Photos. This we have captured in a new Widget called the "Conversations". Only the Chai is missing from your online ADDA now 🙂

Conversations = Forum + Sub Groups + Instant Poll + Photos. 

III. News Feed Layout

You need not go hunting into different applications to consume the content – you get it all on one page – in a clean News Feed style layout. We are also giving a much requested feature – "Likes" – you like the response given by a member for your query – shower him / her with your likes.

IV. Left Bar Menu

All your favourite Applications – Helpdesk, Facility Booking, Buzzar etc. are all available as a single click on the left.  

V. Super Fast UI – This will blow your mind! 


The new UI demanded that it be built it from scratch. We built a modern UI – called a "Single Page UI". What this means is that the building blocks of MyADDA page ( HTML, CSS, Javascript, Images ) gets downloaded when you visit for the first time – and subsequently there after  whenever you post or request something – only the data gets exchanged between your browser and ADDA.  This is the same experience as that of a Desktop Application.  File or Photo upload is a matter of simple drag and drop. The page will never refresh when you use.

In Feburary this year, when we moved to a powerful server you got a 5X Speed Boost. Now we have taken advantage of all that HTML5 has to offer – giving you an extremely fast Site that is simple and intuitive. 

You can take pride that your ADDA is one of the very few Portals in India with this Single Page Responsive UI. And the ONLY one when it comes to Portals for Apartment Complexes!

Go ahead – and try out the unique MyADDA.

Many Thanks to the Power Users who participated in the Beta Testing

Yours sincerely

ADDA Developers


PS: The Dashboard UI continues to reign Supreme on the Admin Side – where it is loved more!



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