Search and you shall find – Introducing MyADDA Search

Everyone has felt the need for it. The thought must have struck you atleast once while using ADDA, A few have even asked for it and we felt compelled to oblige. 

Yes !! you can now search your entire "MyADDA" from one single place. Search topics, discussions, groups, subgroups, notices, directory vendors all from one simple search box.

Finding that funny old post where everyone had shared cool jokes or looking for that old notice as proof will not get easier than this.

We are really excited about releasing this feature. However we let you check it out for yourself.

Here are some of the main features of your new friendly MyADDA search. 


ADDA wide search

Searches entire MyADDA from anywhere ( search for Topics, discussions, Groups topics, Notices, Vendor directories . . . . .. . and more to be added soon !! )



Simplicity ( intelligent / exact search )

All you need to do is type what you remember. The search can intelligently analyse the words used and throw up results based on word relations and some complex algorithms.

But if you need a more exact search simply type your search string within double quotes. e.g. "home delivery". In this case the search will filter down to only exact text that you have provided


Smart search

Exact search


Search history

Maintain search history – You could make a few searches and use the browsers back and forward buttons to browse to your previous search results.


Super Fast

It can search all your posts, topics and data even those created a couple of years back in a matter of seconds. Now that is fast !



Too many search results ? Wish to search only for forum posts or notices ? no worries. Simply use the search filters to narrow down your search results.


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