Alert! Emails pretending to be from ADDA Admin!

Dear Users, we were shocked to see an email forwarded by a Premium User, that pretends to be from ADDA.

Content of the Email is the screenshot below (recipient address hidden to protect their privacy)

Please note this is NOT from ADDA.

In case you get such doubtful emails, below is how you know:

1. We ALWAYS send communication to our Users from "" domain or "" domain. NEVER from a gmail or any other account.

2. Such Subscription related email will never be System generated. It will be from your Account Manager, from their official email-ID.

3. Your Account Manager will never mis-spell ADDA, and will never use such tone while communicating with you.

Please do forward such email if you receive.

We are investigating it.

 PS: If you are wondering how the spammer got your Email-ID, please check if you have registered with the same Email-ID at any of the other sites that also promise you similar services as ADDA.


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