Now you can Print Cheques and Upload Scanned Invoices via Housing Society Software ADDA

by adda

Dear ADDA Treasurers, housing society software

We have 2 exciting upgrades for you.

Cheque Printing from ADDA - Housing Society Software

Cheque Printing

A long standing request from many Treasurers / Accountants has been released – Cheque Printing. You can now eliminate manual errors while writing a cheque, and you can print the cheque right from your Housing Society Software, ADDA. You will find the print option at 2 places – When you go to Post Payment to a vendor, or when you view the Payment Voucher.

Upload Invoice Documents

When you are creating an invoice, you can attach upto 3 documents – could be the scanned invoice, or a pdf invoice the vendor has sent. No more digging out files from the dungeon when you are reviewing a vendor’s account – it is all pulled from the cloud in a jiffy.

With this your dream of 100% paperless office is now a reality.

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