How to have a well-lit apartment

by Krishanu

Having the right kind of lighting is vital for every apartment. It can either make your home look like a welcoming haven or like an emergency room of a hospital. But one wonders how this can be executed. Do they need an interior designer for this? Wouldn’t that cost a bomb? Well the answer is NO. You can simply do this yourself by means of these few and simple tips that can go a long way.

When a room is lit perfectly, you feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed every time you walk in. Here is how you can have a well-lit apartment:

  1. Have multiple focused lit areas

There is often a misconception that one needs to light up the entire room. Well, that is just a myth. You need to incorporate multiple points of light so as to highlight areas of your room. So, placing the right lampshade near the bed or an overhead light above the seating area would do wonders in highlighting places where people usually sit and unwind. You can create layers of lights by using tube lights alongside Chandeliers or incandescent bulbs.

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  1. Every bulb serves a purpose, know its purpose well

One of the most common mistakes is to assume that the standard bulb, which you use in your washroom is the one which can be used in all rooms. CFL’s offer great light to a room and are often considered as a replacement for tube lights. If your apartment needs variety, you can always opt for colored bulbs. Regular fluorescent bulbs must be avoided as they make everything look off color and are also harmful to the eyes. Pick the bulbs which you use in lamps wisely.

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  1. Always have a dimmer

Installing dimmer switches for your lights comes very handy. It not only helps in saving electricity but also is terrific when you wish to add drama to your room. You would not like to slow dance with your partner in a bright room or watch an India-Pakistan cricket clash in a dimly lit room. Dimmers help you create an ambience for every occasions and also extend the life of your bulbs.

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  1. What is the purpose of this room?

It is vital to understand the purpose for which you have a particular room in the house. Is it a kitchen or a kid’s room? Every single room needs to have a different lighting scheme. So in your dining room and living room you can consider having a chandelier with a dimmer. In your kitchen, there needs to be ample light on cooking and storage areas and less where electronics like a refrigerator is placed. Kids room needs bright light so that the child at no point trips and falls because of insufficient light. Bathrooms can be tricky as it depends on personal taste. Some like it brightly lit while some prefer soft lights. Master bedrooms usually have a combination of bright and dim lights. A good reading light by the bed side is a must.

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These are some simple tips which you can follow while planning the lighting of your apartment. For this you don’t need an interior designer, just simple trial and error and you will see how that works wonders.

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