Water Conservation Workshop Blog Series: Chapter 1: The Beginning

by Krishanu

ADDA, along with Citizen Matters, a Bangalore News publication that covers city public affairs, community and culture, organised a workshop on water conservation in Bangalore a couple of months back. This is the first blog of a series; covering in details the event, discussions and full video recordings of the presentations. The workshop was a huge success. Apartment Owners, Builders, Government Officials and various Subject Matter Experts came together in this unique congregation and participated in an open discussion about water conservation issues plaguing various apartment complexes.

Refer to this link for a brief overview of the workshop in our previous blog https://adda.io/blog/2014/06/25/banish-water-insecurity-workshop-on-21-june/.

As a part of the ApartmentAdda team, we try to solve the various issues faced by apartment complexes. Overtime, through extensive discussions with our clients we have understood that there are two major challenges faced by any apartment complex, namely, Water and Waste Management. As aptly put by Sangeeta, Cofounder ADDA, in her welcome note, “What we realised is that we can’t solve these (issues) with our software. But what we can do is to bring together the management committee members of all these apartment complexes that we work with, in one room, where we also bring in water management experts, media, state government (officials), and try to find actionable takeaways. Believe me, we have been doing this since 2009 and magic has been happening in these half day or one day sessions. Apartment complexes that have participated, they are actually saving 20 to 50 lacs a year…because they could find the right knowledge and contacts via these workshops. “ water conservation

This particular workshop has also been nothing short of magical. It was an amazingly interactive session where thoughts flowed seamlessly among the presenters and the audience. In this series of blogs we would be sharing the magic by publishing the full video recordings of the workshops for all those who missed out.

Below is the welcome note from Sangeeta, introduction and context setting from Meera K, Cofounder Citizen Matters. Also in this video the first Rise High award, an award presented to an apartment complex for exemplary work in a particular field, is being presented to Mr. Alok Kuchlous and Mr. Srinivasan Sekar from TZED Community, for their work on sustainable water management. This amazing community is 100% sustainable, they do not use any tankers, they just use 2 bore wells, recharging the same amount of water withdrawn, into the ground again.

Below is an interactive session with Mr. T. Venkataraju, Engineer-in-Chief, BWSSB, presenting and answering to various questions from the attending management committee members.

Keynote speech from Mr. Ramalinga Reddy – Transport Minister of Karnataka & MLA in-charge of Bangalore, where he shows his concern, welcomes suggestions and offers to come up with solutions to challenges faced by apartment complexes.

Thank you Mr. Ramalinga Reddy and Mr. T. Venkataraju for your esteemed presence during  the session.

To all our readers: What do you think of our sessions? Do you have some suggestions, comments? Post in your thought and comments below.

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