Water Conservation Workshop Blog Series: Chapter 3: Take it from the experts

by Krishanu

The water conservation workshop which was held in TERI Auditorium, Bangalore, couple of months back, saw the congregation of MC members from across Bangalore, City officials, Builders and also various experts on water related subjects. Though a major part of the learning from our workshops are from interaction between other MC members, the presence of subject matter experts adds huge value by providing directions to our actions and also validating our learning and practices. In this workshop we had with us one of the foremost proponents of rain water harvesting in India and abroad, Mr S Vishwanath. He is also well known in Bangalore from his work with Rainwater club and various articles he has published in the Hindu. Also present among us was Dr. Ananth Kodavasal, expert on Water Treatment and author of the book STP Guide. It was an honour to have you among us, Sirs. Looking forward to your continued support for our future initiatives as well.

The Zenrainman speaks.

How do you build a water sensitive city? What is the true cost of water in Bangalore? Did you know that Bangalore is the only major city in the world which is not situated beside a major water body? Did you know that we are dependent on Kerala for our water supply? (It rains in Palakaad which flows in Kabini, joins the Kabini reservoir, joins the Cauvery, comes to Tore Kadanalli from where it is pumped to our city.) Did you know that the norm is for every land use 10% has to be devoted to water? Mr. Vishwanath also interestingly brings in the view of “thinking beyond the fence” of our apartments and why one should do so, over and above integrated urban water management practiced inside our apartments. Watch this information packed video for all that you needed to know about rain water harvesting and more.


Dr Ananth Kodavasal, a name well known not only in Bangalore but across India, is THE expert to look for when it comes to STP design and implementation in apartments. Watch this presentation as he takes us through the various types of STPs, the advantages and disadvantages of each type and how to best use your STPs for diminishing your water related woes.


To all our readers and viewers: Thanks for reading and watching J What do you think of our sessions? Do you have some suggestions, comments? Post your thought and comments below.

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