Water Conservation Workshop Blog Series: Chapter 4: Private tankers, Water proofing of tanks and Water metering

by Krishanu

The water tanker conundrum
There was a plethora of issues that were discussed in this one day workshop. Dealing with private water tankers was one such issue. Sprinfields apartments in Sarjapur Road has been purchasing water from tankers since the owners got possession of their apartments in 2005. Mr Srinivasan from Springfields opens the discussion by pointing out the various challenges they have faced while dealing with private tankers and the lessons learnt. The discussion was then opened to the audience for everybody to participate and share their thoughts and experiences. Watch this video for some really great insights into the day to day issues faced by MC members from across Bangalore and also the measures they have taken to mitigate the challenges.


Dealing with seepage in sumps

We hardly ever know what was there on the foundation land of our apartment before our apartment was built? It may have been a land with heavy water logging, it may have been a dump yard. There is always a chance that there is high concentration of bacteria or other types of harmful pathogens in the ground in and around your apartment. These harmful  pathogens may find their way into the water being used in the apartment through seepage inside the sumps. How do you arrest this seepage? You have to continuously monitor for crevices in the tanks, and keep re plastering them when you find too many crevices. This is not only a tedious job but stops water supply in your apartment for a few days too. Is there a better way to do things? Can there be a one-time solution to this problem? Watch this video for the solution.

The Ones with the Success Stories

The following video is a case study of rain water harvesting by Mr Shivakumar P from SLS Spendour. As rightly said by Mr. Shivakumar, “One of the main intentions of these programs is that we share, we learn and then we implement.” Mr. Shivakumar is someone who walks the talk. He had implemented the learnings from a previous ADDA workshop and found some huge benefits. Watch this video as he shares his experiences.

In the next video, Mr. James Jacob from Samhita Square shares his experience on water metering. Like Mr Shivakumar, Mr. James had also carried back a lot of ideas from ADDA workshop organised in Feb 2012. He had also implemented rain water harvesting in his apartment using the insights gained in the workshop. However, in spite of having successful rain water harvesting system program in place, there were still water shortages. What was the solution? Watch this video as Mr. James explains how he has solved the problem of water shortage in his apartment by implementing water metering for individual apartments.

The people with the solutions

“You can’t control what you don’t measure,” said Mr Kasturi Rangan introducing the concept of “pay per use” for water, as he went on to talk about water metering solutions in apartments. Mr Kasturi Rangan’s solution for apartments was launched in March 2014 and their first commercial implementation is going to go live in a month or so. Watch this video as he explains his solution and answers questions from the MC members in the audience.

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