Photo Contest: View from the Top

by Krishanu

2015 Calendar Photocontest1

The earth and everything in it looks extra beautiful when you see it from above. It is for this beauty that you crave for window seats in flights, you go for long drives and treks up mountains, to get a slice of the blissful view of the world below! It is because of this view that you love sitting in the balcony of your high rise apartment, and letting your mind wander freely among houses, balconies, people and activities below. It’s peaceful up there, away from the noise, pollution and crowd.

This photography contest is all about collating some such amazing views from high above which would make us gasp! It’s photos of those moments, when the only word the person beside you could have heard were the numerous “Wow!”’s, along with endless clicks of your camera shutter!

It’s time to show off your photography and share with us some of your astounding “View from the Top” snaps. So what are you waiting for? Start digging your archives or start clicking and upload your amazing pictures in the link provided below!


  • The photographs will be showcased for public voting.
  • Winning Photographs will go to create the ADDA Calendar-2015, a Collectible that graces the Society Offices of around 5000+ Forward-Thinking Communities across India.
  • Each photo will be credited to the Contributor on the Calendar, along with the name of their Apartment/Villa Complex.
  • Winners (Minimum 12) will get the Calendar shipped to them, along with 2 complimentary copies for their close ones! The winners also gets some cool (surprise) goodies!!
  • Winning Photos will also form the Cover Photo of the ADDA Facebook page.


  • The Photo must belong to you.
  • Photo size should be within 8 MB.
  • Please use 8MP+ camera.
  • All pictures should be in 4:3 or 3:2 image ratio
  • Please limit to 3 Photos per user – of course relevant to the theme.


This contest is closed. Similar to our previous photo contests, this time also, we received some absolute stunner of photos as entries! Click on the link below to visit the contest page and view these beautiful photographs!

This is the link to the Contest Page.

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