ADDA Android App Relaunched!

Hi Android Aficionados, 

We are super excited to present you our new Android App Today – with a Sparkling New User Interface and Slick User Experience.

Right away, here is the link to download the app. While it is installing, do read on!

The new App is built completely from ground up. Yes! It is a Native App so it is blazing fast and also has a Gorgeous UI. It supports all the swipes and gestures you are used to on your phone and is also ready for Android’s latest Avatar – Lollipop!

Most Importantly – the new App has all the features you use in MyADDA – Conversations, Notices, Groups, Photo Gallery, Polls, Activities, Facility Booking, Buzzar, My Flat and… it is also Integrated with Online Payment Gateway. 

That’s right! You will be able to pay your Maintenance Dues right from your Phone!

Here is a brief walk through of the features.

The Landing


This will give you all the important Alerts and doubles up as the primary navigation menu. 



Same functionality as MyADDA on the browser, the Conversations ( Forum ), Groups, Photo Gallery and Polls show in one continuous timeline, as well as in separate neatly organized tabs.

The beautiful swipes are present in Notices, and to go between tabs.

Posting new Message, Poll, Photos..


Hit the + icon and based on the module you are in, the Post Content page is invoked. 

Online Payment Gateway Integration




You can view and pay your bills right from your Mobile App. 

Admin App

Admin’s Dashboard now becomes a separate App by itself. This will have its own release cycles and will be developed independent of ADDA App. Here is the link to install ADDA Admin App. For Admins, a link is available on The Landing page of the ADDA app. 

Do tell us what you think about the Android app in its new Avatar!

ADDA Mobile Dev Team! 



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