AIMM – The First Batch and Lots of Promise!

We have kicked off the New Year with lots of promise. With the age of specialization upon us, it is a must to train and nurture potential leaders. AIMM – India’s first institute to train independent MDU managers, is dedicated towards training managers who can effectively manage multi-dwelling units (MDU). ADDA Institute of MDU Managers (AIMM) caters to Existing MDU Managers, Aspiring MDU Managers, MDU Accountants, Employees of Facility Management companies, and Management Committee Members. Participants undergo courses with timings suitable to their job. On 19th January, 2015 we commenced with our first batch and the response we got was exhilarating. Our keynote speaker, Mr. Ashok Hebbar, who manages one of the biggest ADDA’s imparted words of wisdom and shared his inspiring tale with the candidates. Education is an ongoing process and to excel in any profession, you need the right form of training. AIMM is India’s pioneer training institute that has dedicated itself to training these MDU managers.

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Let us give you a recap of all the learning and excitement that unfolded over the 6 days of the first AIMM course specific to the engineering track.

Day 1

There was a buzz in the air on the very first day. The buzz comprised of the thirst to learn and to acquire knowledge about something that Bangalore had never seen before. The first session comprised of Rainwater Harvesting, Borewells, Plumbing, Seepage, Swimming Pools, WTP and an overview of all assets and checks including landscapes. The orator for the day Mr. K.C. Vinod, an expert in rainwater harvesting and WTP was overwhelmed with the responses and questions of the participants. He was more than happy to answer them and impart knowledge. The curiosity about Rain Water Harvesting and the understanding towards the initiative to conserve water was immense. Looks like the MDU Managers of Bangalore certainly are well aware about the water woes that await us.

Day 2

This day was a “Firey” affair, well not literally! On the second day, our MDU Managers learned all about Fire safety, drills, precautions, etc. that an apartment complex has to be geared up with. The orator of the day was Mr. V Achuthan Nair, an expert in engineering track (fire). His wisdom certainly enlightened them as he shared several case studies with them. They were also taken for a site visit to Metropolis where they carefully studied the fire safety measures taken by the apartment complex.



Day 3

On the third day, it was all about “Power”. Mr. Deepak Soman, an expert in engineering track took sessions on transformers and generators. Right from their importance to the effective ways of running and managing these expensive machines, everything was effectively covered. Several doubts were cleared and the candidates had a perfect understanding of the topics post the session. Mr. Vinayak, an environment engineer from BBMP too shared his wisdom with our future MDU managers.

Day 4

On the fourth day, the focus titled towards infrastructural aspects of Apartment Complex management. Topics like HT and LT Electrical wirings, Panels, RMU, GOS, Handling BESCOM Lines and Elevators were the areas of learning and discussion. Several best practices were highlighted and the importance of planning these well in advance was stressed upon. Mr. N Divakar Rao, an expert in Engineering Track was the speaker for these themes. The candidates learnt a lot from his vast experience. Then an interaction with an official from KUWSDB took place where they learnt the rules, regulations and laws pertaining to water supply and drainage. More importantly, they also gained insights on guidelines laid down by the governmental body and the implications of ignoring them.

Day 5

The second last day began with a session on Soft Skills by Ms. Preeja Sridhar, an expert on the subject. She threw light on several aspects and instances during, which our MDU managers, may face communication barriers either due to the managing committee or the residents of the apartment complex. How to deal with such situations tactfully and manage those crisis is what they learnt in this session. One interesting concept she shared with the managers was the fish philosophy.

Another very critical topic covered on this day was Sewage Treatment Plants (STP). Dr. Ananth Kodavasal covered the same topic in great detail where he not only explained the importance of treating waste but also what the by-products can be utilized for. He highlighted several examples of apartment complexes who are doing it effectively and have managed to either provide manure for their gardens or generate electricity.


Day 6

We saved the best for the last, as on the final day a session on Solid Waste Management was conducted by Ms. Anu Govind. The candidates learnt a lot from this as they too were aware how grave an issue this is for our modern day apartment complexes. Towards the end, course completion certificates were handed out as our first crop of future MDU Managers bid adieu to us!

The first AIMM batch

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