Can Omniprocessor help Water Scarcity in Apartments?

by Krishanu

It has been well established that it is about time we had a technology which found more effective ways of treating waste. You may already know about TZed Homes which is a “Rise High” Awardee that has successfully converted its Sewage Water into Potable Water. Of course, they wish the Technology could be less cumbersome to maintain. You can read all about the Banish Water Insecurity workshop in our blogs.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation went one step ahead and developed a machine that turns sewage water into clean drinking water. Not just water, but its byproducts also include ash and the ever scarce – electricity.

So how does it work?

The omniprocessor is capable of handling waste from 1, 00,000 people. This waste is sent through 1,000 degree Celsius heated machine, which takes away all the foul smell and separates vapor from the waste. The dry sludge is then passed through a hot furnace where steam is emitted from it. The steam engine activates the generator, which turns it into electricity. This electricity would not only help power the machine but also generate surplus power which can be used for other purposes.

The water vapor emitted earlier, goes through a boiling and cleaning process and it turns into the most pure form of clean drinking potable water. All that remains after all of these processes is ash which again can be used for several purposes.

Don’t believe it yet, here check out the below video as Bill Gates himself relishes a glass of the purest form of clean drinking water.

Do you think the Omniprocessor could be useful for your Apartment Complex? Share your views in the comments below.

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