Important communication : Change in support process

by adda
ADDA has been seeing unprecedented growth in the last years .Customer support has always been our  core and hence the ADDA team has been available over call, emails , Whatsapp during weekends when most of the industry folks are spending time with their family and friends , because, we understand your time constraints !
With growing user base , we had challenges of monitoring multiple channels- Emails, calls, tickets , whatsapp messages etc , yet we ensured that we responded across all these modes.We now understand that we would need one single medium to track and serve .
In continuing the same spirit , it has been decided that ADDA support will be  moving to support tickets as the single core support mode .
1.All product support queries  to be  lodged as support ticket  .Emails might not be monitored .
2.Support tickets will be the single source of Audit logs  towards  product related queries .
3. Phone Call support will be on case to case basis .
4. An upto-date  FAQ page  is available which caters to most of product usage/ configuration queries .Please refer the same for any product related queries.
5. Towards Product trainings  , Support team conducts webinars regularly .Please lodge a ticket to schedule one .
Please refer to our updated TOS page:
For any escalation , please Email : if the ticket has not been responded within the SLA.


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