MDU Manager, a Resident’s best friend

by Krishanu

Several multi-dwelling unit (MDU) managers are focused towards top notch maintenance of their apartment complex and the well-being of its residents. Many of these efforts go unnoticed as these take place at the backend and only few Management Committee  members are aware about it.

Of all the issues faced by a MDU Manager, one of the most challenging is the scenario wherein the builder himself owns a certain number of flats and either pays less or no maintenance charges for them. They may even resort to some miscreants, which can be harmful to life and social well-being.

We have one such case of Mr. Ashok Hebbar, who in his keynote address at ADDA Institute for MDU Management (AIMM) spoke of his real-life incident. At the time he was the facilities manager of a 300 Unit Apartment Complex in Brookefield, Bangalore and was to enforce the Association’s decision of having the co-builder of the complex pay maintenance charges for the flats he and his family members own.

One morning, Mr. Ashok was publicly abducted and taken to a guest house wherein he was beaten within an inch of his life. Later in the afternoon, the residents of the apartment complex took him to Mahadevpura police station where a complaint was filed. A case of kidnapping was filed.

While delivering his keynote address, Mr. Ashok clearly emphasized on how one has to be brave in such circumstances and that being an MDU manager is a role of extreme responsibility and pride. He also asked these future managers to not only be accountable but also do justice to the faith bestowed upon them by the association members. Today, Ashok Hebbar manages one of India’s largest Apartment Complexes, Prestige Shantiniketan with 3000 flats.

In the words of Spiderman’s uncle, with great power comes great responsibility and we are gearing up these MDU managers just for that!

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