AIMM conducts Fire Operation & Drill Workshop in Bangalore

by Krishanu

ADDA Institute of MDU Management (AIMM) conducted a Fire Operation & Drill workshop in association with Beyond Carlton and Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services. The objective was to impart knowledge on the subject of Fire Safety and also to educate in a way in which another incident like the tragedy at Carlton Tower can be avoided. The workshop witnessed a turnout of 30 plus MDU managers and individuals.

The Fire Operation & Drill session was undertaken by Mr. KC  Vinod who threw light on mandatory and statutory operations like requirement of sufficient open spaces around residential complexes and how they should be designed or constructed, fire exits, fire safety certificate renewal, common causes of fire and precautions, method of elimination, and so on.

A demonstration of an evacuation drill and procedure gave immense clarity to the attendees. The sequence that one has to follow enlightened them the most as several of them were unaware about the same. The fire drill at Celestial Greens, Bangalore was taken up as case study to help the attendees understand the concepts better.You too can watch it here:

This was followed by a session from Mr. Erappa, Deputy Director, Fire Prevention, Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services. He spoke about emergency evacuation in case of a breakout of fire. He emphasized on how apartment complexes should stay prepared by means of clearly marked emergency exits, a fixed assembly area, list of residents, conducting mock drills, identification of shortest possible routes, training in usage of fire extinguishers, etc. His session was well received and generated great response from the attendees.

The final session was taken by Mr. Sumit who was representing Beyond Carlton. The incident took place at 3.30 PM and killed 9 and injured 68 others. He spoke of how the tragedy greatly affected everyone and how the family members of the victims came together to form the community to create awareness. Their actions have been so strong that they have successfully changed some Karnataka Fire Laws too. He spoke of how thick smoke, suffocation and panic being one of the reasons behind the tragedy. Then he threw some light on how the incident could have been avoided. Some learnings being that the fire could nott be managed because driveways were blocked, also that the fire hoses were blocked. To avoid the same, one must keep fire systems in auto mode and not manual. 70% of the fires are caused by electrical appliances and hence one must keep caution. Some other interesting facts he highlighted were:

  • Every 3 hours, 6 individuals die because of a fire accident
  • Every year about 24,576 deaths are caused due to fire.
  • The fire department gets 20 to 35 fire breakout calls each day

Mr. Sumit also highlighted how the government does not have the statutory power to take actions of fire and safety norms violation. Apartment complexes need to stop treating electrical rooms as junkyards as that also leads to fire. A citizen initiative to create an App called “Firechamp” was undertaken where citizens can notice violations and raise complaints.

Chandrasekhar of Sakto Palm Tree stated that “I learnt a lot from this class. I hope such sessions in the future are conducted for Electrical and STP.”

Arthansi from Sriram Samruddhi stated that, “This training was very useful for me and for my workplace. The examples cited by Sumit Sir were very good and informative.”

You can see the presentation of the Fire Operation & Drill here”

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