Storage Spots You May be Ignoring

by Krishanu


We have come to an age where new homes in upcoming housing societies have become compact and small. Existing homes seem to have utilized all available space and storage. Space constraints are observed more or less by every home owner. To tackle the same we look for storage spots all across our homes. To an extent, we end up shifting our ladders in the common areas like lobbies or corners of emergency exits of our housing societies. Often, some are lucky enough to have an empty cupboard to dump the unneeded mess. Money saving home decor solutions is something you are already aware about if you are a home maker, but to find storage spots needs a keen eye.

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Here are a list of 3 storage spots that you may be ignoring:

  1. Above Kitchen Cabinets

Lot of homes have cabinets in kitchens on both walls. Usually, these are used to store utensils, spices, etc. Above them there is a space which is empty and close to a feet or two above that is the ceiling. That very space can be utilized to store extra utensils and some electronics like blenders which you don’t use daily. Also, homes have certain utensils like Idli maker or the larger Biryani vessel, which you only use on occasions. These can be neatly stacked inside cartons or covered with a cloth and stored above kitchen cabinets.

  1. Under the shelves and cabinets

Our homes often have shelves to hold Television sets, place books, etc. The space underneath them can be well utilized to store lots of things. All one needs to do is create small cupboards and then store things like sewing kits, first aid box, clothes, etc. All rooms tend to have shelves and hence this trick can be very effective for storage. The area under the cabinets in your kitchen can also be used effectively. Simply place small hooks and you can use it to hang measuring spoons, towels, cleaning cloth, etc.

  1. All around your doors

Every house has a minimum of 5 doors. Above the frame of the door and before the ceiling there is a space which is close to a foot. This very space can also be utilized to store a part of your excess things. You can easily store books which you are done reading but want to keep them as a part of your collection. On the inside parts of your door of rooms like bathrooms you can place hooks and hang clothes there. Lot of us have the habit of throwing our clothes like wet towels on the bed or the swing (if your house has one). Utilize the bathroom door hooks for this.

These storage areas can be very helpful especially when you are someone who keeps shopping and adding more and more things to the house. Share this with your ADDA buddies and then you can share stories of how you managed to deal with excessive junk with each other too.

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