ADDA voicing out its support for #NetNeutrality on @CNBC panel discussion

by Krishanu

Couple of weeks back, the Hashtag #NetNeutrality started trending on social media with heated reactions on pros and cons, and explaining the importance of it for freedom of choice to the end user. An intense discussion has been initiated with cybernautics, in fact, last few days mainstream media, print and electronic, has given coverage to Net Neutrality on front page and on prime time spots of Indian television news channels.

There is even a humorously exaggerated imitation video on Youtube by an Indian comedy group which has gone viral enough to create a storm among Indian citizen and netizen community. Debates, Panel discussion have been organized on various top rated news channels, apart from signing of online petitions by netizen community.

ADDA founder Ms. San Banerjee was invited by CNBC TV on the panel discussion of Net Neutrality to clarify her stand. Here is what she had to say, “Need of Internet is to contribute the growth of society and not dividing it. Internet is a common platform which is used by netizens across the world to express their thoughts and also process the information via audio, video, image and text. It is a great level playing platform to showcase innovation and come with ideas & thoughts which are useful for growth of human mankind.”

Flipkart pulling out of Airtel Zero, Cleartrip withdrawing its association with has proven that internet is critical for innovation. The recent debates and panel discussions have given a clarity on the whole concept of large establishments deciding on who gets to access what and at what speed.

Adding furthermore, San Banerjee said, “People’s lives are dependent on Internet, and it is their fundamental right to access the internet without any restrictions. I personally believe that Net Neutrality should be handled properly. It should not become a tool for service providers to violate the online freedom including the freedom of speech and expression, and the speed at what they want to surf. Otherwise, that day is not far when every TVC that we watch will be similar to the Nescafe’s ‘My Name is Ra Ra Ra Ra Rishi.”

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