How to design your kid’s room

by Krishanu

Designing a kid’s room can be quite a task. When it comes to children, their taste and preferences change just like the season. Kids don’t want their room to look like the one of their friend living in the same housing society. If they like pink and the beginning of the year, they will hate it by the end of it. Also kids can be very messy. One has to keep several such aspects in mind before designing it.

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Here are 5 tips that will help you design a kid’s room.

  1. Height Factor

First and foremost when designing any part of the room like the bed, the toy storage, etc make sure they are at a reachable height. If not, just the way you pet proof a house you would have to kid proof the room. If objects are not at a reachable height, the kids in all probability and mischief create havoc to grab their favorite toy.

  1. Wallpaper over paint

Kids are naturally talented when it comes to painting. The world is their canvas and walls are their favorite. They love to use their chalk colors and paints on everything they find. Your best bet is to use wallpaper in their entire house and especially their room. It is easy to replace a wallpaper over and over again. Getting walls repainted can be quite a task.

  1. Ceiling Art

You can purchase glow in the dark paint or stickers from the market and get creative with the ceiling. You can paint moon, stars, rainbow or a cityscape all around. Make switching off lights fun for your kids. The artwork will keep them engrossed and also helps them in going off to sleep early.

  1. Collection Space

Kids are collectors. They love to collect everything from scrap to postcards. You have to make a provision for them to store all of these things. Not providing them with a drawer or a section in the wardrobe for all of this can be quite a disaster as they are most likely to throw it all across the room.

  1. Lighting

Your kid’s room needs to be well lit. Hence, make arrangements for a study light around the study area, bright lights to light up the entire room and adequate lighting in the washroom. Also keep the switches easily accessible near the beds. Just in case they have to use the washroom in the middle of the night, they can switch on the dim light to find their way.

When decorating your kid’s room, take all precautions to avoid mishaps. At the same time, design prudently so that elements can easily be replaced as and when the need arises. Share this with your friends on your housing society software too.

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