How to get your Apartment Summer ready?

by Krishanu

With temperature soaring with every passing day, your Apartment too needs to gear up for the summer. By this we mean how you can prepare well in advance to brace the scorching heat. One can always take advice from their buddies on the forum of their Housing Society Software but would only that suffice?

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We are already well aware about how to be kind this summer to pets and other birds and animals, but what about yourself? We spend at least 12 hours a day at Apartment, you would not want to be drenched in sweat for half the day. For homemakers in housing societies, who spend much more than half the day at Apartment, the below tips will come across as a savior to tackle the summers.

Here are 4 tips to get your Apartment summer ready:

  1. Get Appliance Ready

If you intend to use your years old Air Conditioner or Cooler to tackle the heat, make sure you have it serviced and if needed get the filters changed. If it needs replacement, then go ahead and purchase a new one. Around this time, several retail stores offer discounted rates and prices for Air Conditioners and Coolers.


  1. Paint Job

If you are planning to re-paint your Apartment, make sure you get it done in light colors. White, Peach, Yellow, etc are your best bet. The darker the color, the more heat it will attract and the warmer your house gets. Most housing societies have their outer walls painted in light shades but the walls within the house play a vital role too.


  1. Window Dressing

If you wish to make your Apartment summer ready, it is important to first deal with parts like windows first. These are outlets from where warm air and heat is likely to enter your house. Firstly, if you have a budget then opt for a sun reflector kit for your windows. This will simply help in not allowing sun rays enter your house. Secondly, get light colored curtains for your windows. These if not completely block will help filter sun rays entering the Apartment.


  1. Ventilation

It is a well-known fact that cross ventilation helps tackle heat. For this very reason, keep windows of your house which face doors open. This helps in allowing fresh breeze to move into the Apartment and warm air to flow out. Using exhaust fans is also effective in summers. They help get rid of warm air quickly.

Share this on your housing society software and let your friends know on how to get their Apartment summer ready.




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