How to hide things you hate about your Apartment

by Krishanu

You have just moved into an apartment in a housing society on rent. When you moved, you realized there are certain elements of your apartment you don’t like. What do you do? This also happens when you and your family members have different choices but you can always smartly hide them without making it too obvious.

There are times when you simply can’t afford to get rid of the old sofa or the wardrobe which is a complete mismatch with your wall color. You can log on to your apartment management software like ADDA and trying selling it on Buzzar and then buy new ones. If not that then your only option is to hide it in some way.

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Here are 5 ways of hiding things you hate about your apartment:

  1. Identify if you really need to hide it

There are times when something about your house really gets on to your nerves. But, it maybe bothering you because it is right in your face and hence you make it bigger than it actually is. Carefully analyze the house and how it is acting as a hindrance first.

The best way to deal with this is click a picture of the room and then see if what pricks you is that big an eye sore or not. Once identified then use any of the below tricks for your apartment.

  1. Don’t add more attention to it

You might not like something in your apartment and in the process of covering it up or hiding it, don’t end up adding more attention to it. There is a table you hate and to hide it you may cover it with a vase. Unintentionally, you have added more attention to it as visitors and you are likely to notice the object placed on the table first but post that you will notice the table. Hence, don’t make this mistake of making the eye sore more noticeable.

  1. Paint for Camouflage

Paint is your best friend when it comes to hiding something or making it less noticeable in your apartment. The trick is to make elements blend by using the exact shade of the walls of the room. Be it furniture, wall or a door, the blend creates a perfect camouflage thus allowing you to hide what you don’t wish to see.


  1. Make a pattern

Another way of hiding something is by means of confusing the onlooker. Whatever element you don’t like in your apartment simply add very busy patterns around it. This confuses the eye, especially when you place it over the object. So if you don’t like the flooring of your apartment, merely cover it up with a patterned rug. All the attention will be drawn to that thus helping you flawlessly hide the floor.

  1. Show off and surround with what you like

Make use of effective lighting in your apartment to only highlight what you like. Placing over head lights over beds and not the walls is one of the ways to hide those rain ruined walls. Light is very powerful when it comes to interior décor. A well – lit apartment does wonders. Another trick is to surround what you dislike with what you really love. So if you don’t like your walls and are fond of paintings, cover up your walls with that. Soon you will find a blend in between the two as both will become beautiful by association.

If you are aware about any more tricks that help you hide what you dislike in your apartment, do share it with us. Also do share this with your buddies on your apartment management software.

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