4 quick tips for decorating a Home Office

Many of us living in a housing society tend to bring our work home or work from home. For this, you may want to set up an office in your humble abode. But decorating one in your existing home is no easy task. Firstly seek permission from your managing committee via your apartment management software. This is essential and a compulsion as per society bye – laws for a housing society.

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Here are four quick tips for decorating a home office

  1. Pick the right spot

First and foremost, it is important to identify the perfect room where you want to build this space. It could be your bedroom where a small enclosure would be enough. Your living room can be perfectly suitable too. Just make sure you pick a big room or probably the biggest one in your house. Also, the room needs to have ample sunlight falling into it. A housing society would have at least one such room in every house. Also, make sure you have picked a corner to set up the office. So choose wisely.

  1. Furniture Assortment

This is vital and also where your decorating skills get tested. Firstly, understand your need. You would certainly need a table but do you require shelves too? If yes, what is its purpose? To hold books? To store files? Basis this you need to pick an open shelf or cabinets. Also, make sure you pick a comfortable chair, have a dustbin around and a drawer to store all your stationery. You would not want to scramble looking for a stapler, would you? Floating shelves is another great way achieving more storage space. Remember, when you don’t have much space, a bare wall can be a great asset.

  1. Color Selection

A work space need to be dull, it has to be vibrant and give a positive vibe. For this, you need to go bold and think bright. Painting the furniture white and the area around yellow, blue, pink, etc is an interesting approach. Stick to pastel colors and do not go too jazzy. The color also helps in creating a differentiation between work space and the rest of the house. Also, placing fresh flowers is a good idea not just to add an element of color but also lighten up the area which may be considered dull or boring.

  1. Be Innovative

When designing your home office, get as innovative as you can be. You can choose to create a stand up desk. It is healthy too. When it comes to your lighting options, you can get creative with it. Customized lamps – differently shaped, colored covers, etc are some of the ways of innovating when it comes to lighting. You can also pick and choose posters of famous entrepreneurs or inspirational quotes from movies on your coasters. It is your personal space, so freely experiment.

These four quick tips will help you transform a corner of your home into a plush home office. Not only that, several members of your housing society would want you to decorate it for them too. Share this on your apartment management software and let all the workaholics know about this too.


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