Launching a Completely Redesigned iOS App

Dear Apple lovers,

You can stop feeling jealous of your Android Friends.

Your new native iOS App has arrived at the App Store. Slick, Fast and Gorgeous. [Download link]





Quick Highlights

Entire MyADDA is now available in your pocket.

* Create and Join Groups, Start and Read Conversations

* Create and Answer Polls

* Create, View and Upload Photos to Albums

* Create and Track progress of Helpdesk Tickets

* Make Maintenance Bill payments online

* Create and View Buzzar Classifieds

This App is built to work on both iPhone and iPad.  Furthermore in iPad, this App can be used in either Landscape or Portrait mode. We have used Swift ( the latest Programming language from Apple ) to build this App.

Hope you will enjoy the iOS ADDA App. Do leave us your feedback.

ADDA (Apple Fanboys) Team

Here are a few more screenshots of the app.


MyADDA Conversations
MyADDA Conversations
+ button to quickly create
+ button to quickly create


Online Payment
Online Payment



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