Launching ADDA Chat

We are excited to announce that your ADDA now has Chat!!

It is for those times when you just want to chat up with a neighbour, instead of messaging to the whole Forum or even to a Subgroup.

Now you don’t have to bother about storing number of any neighbour, your ADDA now allows you to directly have a chat with any users within your ADDA.

At the right sidebar you can find the chat users list, you can even search a user using the bottom search bar, which allows you to search your ADDA users by their name or flat numbers. Click on the user name and start chat with them.

If you send a chat message to a User who is offline, User will get an email alert about receiving a chat message from you on ADDA. He can then get back to his ADDA screen and join the chat with you!

Go ahead, Chat on!

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