The New and Improved ADDA Gatekeeper is here!

by Krishanu

We have progressed and embraced digitization in every way, then why should our apartment visitor management not advance too? Now you can replace the manual register at your Society Gate and its maintenance with the ADDA Gatekeeper Android App.

Apartment Visitor Management - Visitor Out

Apartment Visitor Management – Visitor Out

ADDA Gatekeeper serves the purpose of an online staff – visitor’s in-out facility and residents list maintenance. With an Android Tab, you can conduct simple check in – check out with single touch. When a visitor checks-in, the respective resident gets notified about the same by sms/email on online mode.

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This App works on offline mode as well. Make your entries and sync with ADDA whenever internet connection is available.

New features include:

  • Now you can search for Staff, Visitors and Residents with different keys. This makes your operation easy especially in case of large amount of entries.
  • Mark Visitors as Favorite – Now don’t fill up frequent visitor’s information again and again. The app does it automatically. You can edit information if required and do simple check in.
  • Now Capture Visitor Photos along with Visitor details.
  • Completely new Slick UI and redesigned interface for quick data collection – no long queues at your Entry gate
  • Now App Supports Large ADDAs. App can perform smoothly even when you have a large number of staff, visitors or residents.
  • Now app automatically updates checkin/checkout details to ADDA server on the background – if internet connection is present

You just have to setup your Gatekeeper at ADDA account. You can generate historical reports of visitors and staff checked out from the Gatekeeper App as well. And yes we have a major feature – Visitor image capture, which will be released soon.

For your Apartment Visitor Management, you can download the ADDA Gatekeeper App on your Android phone here:

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